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WAV file format loops

congas1_153 BPM.WAV (1MB)

congas2_133BPM.WAV (1.2MB)
cuica1_162 BPM.WAV (512K)

cuica2_162 BPM.WAV (512K)

cuica_long_mono.WAV (1MB)
molo_148 BPM_mono.WAV (569K) pandeiro 86 BPM (1.8Mb)

pandeiro 1 152 BPM (1Mb)

pandeiro 1 & 2 152 BPM (1Mb)

pandeiro 2 152 BPM (1Mb)

Tip : If your browser is trying to download any of the files as text, or is only playing the samples, then try holding the "Option / Alt" key whilst clicking on the file name.

Halion Sampler patches:

Once you have downloaded and unzipped the file,
just put the folder into your usual Cubase or Nuendo
Halion samples FOLDER and then import the fxp file into Halion.
*If you are running Halion 3 or above, it would then also be a good idea to save the patch as a preset!
instructions for Mac users are in the Read Me file - still waiting for advice for Windows users from the Steinbeg Forum.
Download: (4.1Mb)

This soundbank contains multi-samples of the following Brasilian instruments:
Sourdo, Cuica, Caxixi, Pandeiro, Agogo bells, Tamborim, Berimbao, Samba Whistle and Triangle.
Talking (2.3Mb)

This soundbank contains multi-samples of
a Nigerian Talking drum.

* note : ES-24, Gigasampler or Kontakt users can also use the files, but they will have to organize their own keymaps.

New samples will be added periodically, so we hope to see you again !
If you would like to get in touch, then e-mail me here: Dave contact