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Dave Yowell

Some more of Dave's work

This is still just a small selection of his work, to hear a much more varied and eclectic selection, ckick on the links below to some of his projects and pseudonyms:

Cão Preto, Sultan Makendé, Steel Boomerang, Yidaki Man, Back Room Boys, Mango Bongo, Baranta, Wazimba, Al Finjan,, Clint Bilton, Dave Yowell

Feel free to download any of these tracks for your
personal enjoyment, but should you want to use any of them in any commercial way, please contact Dave to arrange a very reasonable sync fee based on the budget and type of your project.

If you would like to discuss any project, no matter how big or small, please email him!

Dave's CV ***to download a copy, hold option whilst clicking:
Dave CV_EN.pdf English

Dave CV_PT.pdf Português

You can also have a listen to his whole catalogue of over 250 tracks from here :

Dave TV



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A Rainy Night in Harlemn Harlem
(Seventies cool cats hippy funk)

animted icon Afrindo
(Slow amd menacing percussion)

animted icon Are You There?
(Strange thriller stylie solo acoustic piano)

animted icon India Dreaming
(as the title suggests)

animted icon 3 Stoned Mice
(Snappy, happy Ska)

animted icon Dreaming of Shanti
(Indian Chill / meditational)

animted icon Auld Lang Syne
(Soft and gentle acoustic guitar version)

animted icon Jerusalem
(The well known hymn by Hubert Parry)

animted icon Ancient Hunter
(Dreamy,floating ethnic vibe)

animted icon Afro Funky Monkey
(Funky fusion beats for your feets)

animted icon Funkin in the Bronx
(As the title suggests)

animted icon Funkin Cool
(Laid back and groovy seventies funk in the style of Curtis Mayfield)

animted icon Colab One
(Funky psychadelic dub reggae with a a string quartet)

animted icon Yello Mello Cello
(As the title suggests)

animted icon Sandune Moon
(Tense Middle Eastern / Arab wars music)

animted icon Did Jeri Do?
(Heavy Rock from the outback of Oz)

animted icon Supa Mama Mandinga
(Happy tropical African village)

animted icon The Detective

(Acoustic Jazz trio-classic who dunnit?)
animted icon Angels We Have Heard When High
(A slighly different take on the popular Xmas Hymn)

animted icon Metro Mekanix
(Wierd Elektronic Art)

animted icon Arabica Freaka
(Tense Arab fusion based around an Oud)

animted icon Ya Ghyaba

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